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    So, when I got my Pre Back from service, the Keyboard Layout (the special keys) was messed up.
    Orange + U = "" instead of )
    Orange + I = ")" instead of %
    Orange + O = "" instead of "
    Orange + P = "-" instead of =
    Orange + A = "" instead of &
    Orange + S = "" instead of -
    Orange + , = "&" instead of _

    It is a German O2 Pre, it was not exchanged and the keyboard worked fine before sending it in.
    I tried restoring it with WebOSdoctor and ereasing all data but nothing helped.
    Thank you for reading this and I hope that you can help me.

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    Its a Pre, not a Centro...
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    *bump* anyone?
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    Okay, What I know now is that palm flashed the Pre+ software on my Pre and when I doctor, it thinks its a Pre+ and reflashes it as a Pre+.

    Can I somehow trick the Doctor to flash my Pre- with the Pre- Software again even if it's thinking my Pre- is a Pre+?

    Just tried restoring it with a Pre Plus Doctor and it was actually recognized, But i cancelled the Process because I don't know what that would do to my Pre...
    I also just contacted WebOSInternals on Twitter if they knew any way into tricking the Pre- Doctor to flash the right keyboard layout.
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