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    Ive got another problem with my contact list. Is there some way to organize (add, remove etc.) my contacts in Palm Pre via PC ? I mean some app in pc which will show my contacts in Pre (after I plug in Pre into USB) and then I can add new contact by typing it in pc and then send to Pre ?

    Thx for answer

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    Keep'em on a cloud, gmail for instance.

    There's a patch in Preware to export all your current contacts.
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    I use Outlook for this. You can sync outlook to gmail. I use pocket mirror to sync directly to my pre, but that costs money.

    check out the gmail sync to outlook and see if that will work for your needs.
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    Or there are some third-party apps that help you sync to desktop, such as CompanionLink, Pocket Mirror, Missing Sync.
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    Ok....I'm admitting to my own stupidity before I ask this question. I have a Gmail account & I have contacts on my Pre. Right now, the phone contacts are not in Gmail, how do I "add" them...which is what I think the original post is/was. Are you saying there is no way to merge your phone contacts with Gmail? I saw the recommendation to sync with Outlook, but I do not use Outlook.... Again, I apologize for my stupidity.
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    there is a patch you can install that will let you email all of your contacts to your self, and then you can import them in to gmail. there is also a hashcode to do it from the dialer, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

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