I need the standard palm functionality but don’t want to carry a second device (calendar, contacts, memo). For me the benefit of the Pre is the larger screen, as my Centro’s is very small (plus it’s cooler than a Centro). I take and keep pictures on my phone but the Centro is only 1.3mb and the screen is very small to view pictures. I work on computers all day and have multiple computers at home in various rooms. There is just not that many instances where I need an Internet connection and I’m not near a computer where I can surf on a larger screen. I know many people enjoy accessing the Internet from their phones, playing games, etc. but I really don’t need that type of functionality. Would it be neat, yes but for me it’s not worth $360/year. Plus if I had it then I’d have to get it for my wife and two daughters and now we’re up to $1440 extra a year. Hopefully data plans will come down to more reasonable rates in the future and then I’ll enter the 21st century.