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    Hi guys, I have a problem. Recently, I noticed that my palm pre, quite frequently, shuts down when I close slider (or open it) a little harder (display just turns black and phone shuts down). I've checked the battery, and I stands firmly in its positions, I think battery is not a reason. Has anyone have similiar problem? What could be the problem?
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    happens to the best of us. Be more gentle
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    my wifes pre had this issue. We put a little piece of padding in the battery compartment to squueze it in place, and it dramatically reduced the frequency of this happening (but didn't completely eliminate). I talked to a sprint store repair guy about it... This is a well known issue with the pre.
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    I used to get this, fold a bit paper and wedge it in on the top of the battery.
    Since doing this no more random restarts.

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    loose battery. Have them send j a new battery.
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    yes, use a small wad of folded paper on the edge of the battery to force the battery contacts against the Pre's terminals.
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    I never used the paper trick but someone else pointed out that for technical reasons beyond me, the battery terminals should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

    This advice fixed the issue and never had the problem again.
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    you can put one or two layers of masking tape on the battery edge, opposite the baterry electrical contacts, to force the battery more towards the contacts.
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    This is a known problem with the phone as there was a slight size change in the battery somewhere along the way, the newer batteries are slightly smaller and lose contact. As has been mentioned a small piece of business card is one of the most effective fixes at the top of the battery case. I took one back to the Sprint store and they installed a small piece of plastic at the top and that solved the problem. Easy fix to what can be a big annoyance especially with the start up time of the Pre.
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    Thanks guys for your help. I'll try out given tips.
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    A little rubbing alcohol to clean the battery contact worked for me. Also CAREFULLY pull up the contacts with a paper clip or something to make better contact. Totally solve it for me!

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