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    HI friend i have a big problem
    i had a palm pre locked but without sim enter menu and show all aplicattions full
    before was is locked then i unlock with jic code network,full
    when insert sim of carrier i need,NO START is freeze in PALM and restart.
    But without sim card turn ok enter menu and i can open aplicattions

    i restore with firmware but no repair this error

    i need help pleasee
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    yeah right but with a different sim will not start
    FREEZE palm
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    can anyone help me??
    nobody has any idea how to fix?
    txs b,r
    ....i need repair my palm please help me
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    ok bro thanx for u reply but u can see]Ver Imagen:[/URL]
    restore succes
    but i insert any sim card and not turn ,freeze or restar in palm
    please help me
    without sim turn on ok
    i can do

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