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    go to don't HAVE to register, it isn't necessary, but you will find out why it is helpful soon enough. Pick a ringtone under the DOWNLOAD tab. It will ask you if you want to download to your PC. Pick yes. I found it helpful to have an empty folder (named it zedge, go figure) and sent my downloads to that.
    with the usb cord connect your phone to your PC and when your phone asks just charge or usb, pick usb.

    a window opens "Palm Pre" find the folder named RINGERS or RINGTONES and drag and drop your ringers there. When you are done make sure to EJECT your Pre and you are done, finito.

    easy as pie
    This worked! Thank you for giving step_by_step instructions. I love having Mission Impossible and Sponge Bob ringtones on the Pre!
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