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    I have a question hopefully someone can answer. I already have a Pre. I bought another one form a guy here on precentral & just got it. I want to switch my service over to the new one but I'd like to still use my old one with wifi, like a PDA. How do I do this without have to change my Palm Profile, I want to use my apps that I've bought on both phones. Is there anyway to do this & if so, is it easy enough for a beginner to make work. Will I have any problems with both having the same profile. I don't need to keep adding apps to the old one, just want to use what I have now & on wifi if possible. If I can't use wifi too & would be happy to just use the apps that are on it now without any net options. If I put it in airplane mode will that be enough? Or just disable data? Thanks for any feedback possible.
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    You can only use your profile on one, if you install it on your new one, your profile will be wiped on the old one, I believe even over WiFi (please someone correct me if I'm wrong). I did the Sprint Pre Plus conversion, but bought a used but broken (but good comm board) Pre Minus and a Verizon Plus, and since I didnt want to wipe out my good Pre Minus. To make sure I could still use it in Wifi, I set up a new profile on the Sprint Pre Plus.

    The way I understand the purchasing of apps is that the "licsense" is for one phone. I just bought what I wanted on my new profile. The apps aren't that expensive and it was a good way to support the developers.

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    I don't want to update it to 2.0 & I really don't need internet on it either. I have classic on it & want to still use it & a few other apps. If I put it in airplane mode will that work? Then I can use the new one as a smart phone & the old one as just a PDA.

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