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    I heard something about putting an eraser part in there. Mine has gone to **** soo.... If anyone has ideas on it then hit me up with a post.
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    The piece of eraser worked for mine, when it died. Can take a few tries to get the right size, though.

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    Maybe I can find a dumb phone to run on for the next few months until contract is up
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    I use a piece of rubberband, I found it worked better than the eraser I originally had.
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    I've tried it all. Definite winner: small rectangular piece of a balloon (thats not been inflated and stretched) feels a tad better than brand new. When I finally had to trade that one in I actually missed my old balloon power button.
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    Sliver of rubberband/eraser worked for me. As mentioned, might take a couple tries to get it just the right size/thickness. Having an X-Acto knife would make the job easier IMO.
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    I used paper in mine. I think I like the rubber band/eraser/balloon idea better.
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    Well I Have paper in there right now since it was the only available at the time but I think I am gonna look for a rubber band. Thanks for the replys

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