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    it's is possible to have ur pre on the touchstone and on the usb port at the same time thought the wal. Like 2 wires...u know? What will happen
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    I guess it's technically possible, but it sounds like a REALLY bad idea. lol
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    yeah I thought so too. Any one else have any input
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    Someone could look up the OEM battery spec and determine the maximum charge current - but I suspect Palm already took this into account and disabled the option...

    No way am I going to test it however...
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    someone who isn't me should try this and if their home isn't burned to the ground, should report back.
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    I think I remember reading a long time ago that this wasnt good. Dont have a link or anything.
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    I did it before thru USB port but it cause no problem nor did it charge noticeably increase. I was watching it thru Govnah. But wall port may yield different results.

    However it would seem like a bonehead move for Palm to not have thought of that already and disabled it. Would be a mighty crying shame for someone battery to blow up for doing something like that.
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    haha. I so was not gunna try it. But if I ever get ****ed at my phone or sprint screws me I'll do it and get back to you guys haha
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    I am double charging on a pre as I type this. I'm @ 31% right now. I will report back in 20 mins to let everyone know what happened.
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    does anyone else see that weird orange glow in maryland?
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    Its been over 20 minutes... that's not a good sign.
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    well guess what? My phone actually lost power plugged into the wall and a touchstone. Over about 20 mins my batt lvl went from 31% to 26%. My govnah temp stayed steady between 25 & 27 degrees C. I took a screenshot of the usage chart on govnah but can't figure out how to put it on this post. If anyone wants it I will put it up with my pc.
  13. #13 about an hour later myy battery is dead. Was only @ 26% after the test but this discharged way too fast. End result: toasted battery I think. I will update tomorrow. Good nite.
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    I leave my phone on the touchstone while having it plugged into the computer all the time to transfer files or mess with quick install and it has done absolutely nothing wrong
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    I've done this while transferring files over USB, after I was done I watched it for 5 minutes. There was no significant changes, it seemed like it would only accept the Touchstone's charge.
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    I did this while plugged into ac wall outlet. Maybe that's a difference? As I'm waking up my battery did charge up just fine. I will post later on holding the charge.
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    last post from me....all seems to be essentially nothing came from this.
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    this is a screenshot of the battery graph on govnah while i did this dual charging test. sorry for the delay uploading the pic.govnah_2011-02-02_200642.png
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    when this happens nothing bad happens. It defaults to touchstone charging only....
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    my experience was that nothing happens at all. no charging period, as i drained battery during the experiment.
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