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    Email count for yahoo inbox shows nonzero unread emails eventhough there are no unread emails. Is there a way to get this count back in sync with real unread emails? I changed the number of days that i want the email to span..from 1 day to 3 days to 7 days to 2 weeks...etc. No change. Is there anything that can be done besides simply adding and deleting the account to fix this? Thanks.
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    did you restart your phone?
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    I have this exact problem with my AOL account. Always shows I have multiple unread emails, but my laptop show none.

    Oh, and I have restarted many times. It's been this way for months. There are no banner notifications, that works fine, it's just when I look at the email accounts page that it shows.
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    yes i have restarted the phone many changes...why can't palm fix such basic issues?
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    i have same issue with my yahoo mail, eventually gets out of sync. only cure i've found is to delete the account from the email app and add it back in, which does a fresh sync.
    i have to do the same thing with my calendar app occasionally too.

    sad that palm lets this slide for 2 years
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    The following worked for me. May be others can try it out.

    Open the email app and go into your settings. Under 'show email' change it to 'x day' where x is different than the current setting. Then close the email app. Restart the app and let it sync with the new setting. If the unread count goes to 0, go back and let your email app revert to the old setting. Close it, open again and let it resync to the (old) setting.

    The above didn't work for me the first time. I retried it after several days and it worked. It may depend on the number of days setting. Anyway, give it a shot.
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    I've had this happen with AOL, but never with Yahoo. But the usual culprit is moving something to a Spam or Junk folder and for some reason the Pre thinks that the message is still unread. I find that restoring the offending spam then opening/deleting it usually fixes the sync.
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    here is what i have seen. when you leave an unread email and that email goes past your view date(mine is show last 7 days) the count will then be off
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    I've had it happen with Yahoo; I just removed and re-added the account and it was fixed. Takes at least three minutes....

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