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    First of all, I scoured the forums for anything that is remotely related to this problem and did not find a single post, so hopefully (well, not really) this is a new topic that will not get banned.

    I have had a problem with my Sprint Palm Pre over the past few weeks that has the phone turning off its data connection randomly after only a few hours after a restart. This means that I cannot access email, the web, calendar syncing, maps, etc. The phone basically becomes a "dumbphone" because it can still receive calls and text messages. This is on top of the phone having random disconnects from GPS, making maps and navigation a complete joke. BUT, MAIN PROBLEM is 3G/data access. I can live without gps, but not without data. The only remedy is a complete restart, which as we all know takes forever... But it only last a few hours before dropping all data again.

    I have a stock Pre and I took all homebrew apps and patches off the phone and the problem still persists. Please help! This is a very annoying problem, especially since the Pre takes about 17 hours to restart every time. And no, a Luna Restart, Java restart nor going into/out of airplane mode work.

    I came really close to throwing this phone against the cement wall this afternoon...

    Anyone else having this problem or can help out???
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    this happens to me as well on occasion. i get the grayed out 3g symbol at the top with full signal, but not the darker symbol with white "3G". while frustrating, i have found that switching to airplane mode and back fixes it. not sure whats causing the issue.
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    Have you tried updating PRL settings and network settings under preferences on the phone app?
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    Turn off data roam

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    @ sinime: Thanks, this seems to have cured it without a restart. We will see how long it lasts.

    I'm just surprised that this becomes an issue after a while without user intervention. I would think that not many people dig through forums to make sure their phones are in tip-top shape and would eventually run into the same problem. I thought my phone was broken, and if not for the helpful folks here I would have sent my phone in for repair/replacement in the next few days. It seems very negligent of Sprint to "react" as opposed to being proactive in a situation like this.

    Oh well, I only have to deal with this phone until June, then I can upgrade (either the new hotness from Palm/HP, or if not so hot then an Android phone).

    Cheers mates,
    a dumb cat

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