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    On my 5th Pre, acquired a couple weeks ago. (not complaining, one of these days I'll either get a replacement that's trouble-free, or be buying the next-gen handset)

    1. If I wake the phone up from sleep with the power button, it can take up to a minute for the phone to find a signal.
    2. Sometimes if I'm answering a call, the call is dropped immediately.
    3. If I wake up the phone and try to use data services, I'll get a warning that there's no internet connection available.
    4. Finally, in rare instances, when I try to use the phone either for voice calls or data, I'll get a window telling me airplane mode is enabled, when it isn't.

    This sounds like hardware to me, since I'm running the same patches and apps as I have on prior phones. The phone will eventually find a signal, though I don't often see the Evdo glyph.

    Chatted with Palm support, and when it became evident they were gonna try the partial erase and WebOSDoctor route, I demurred and came here first to see if anyone's had similar issues they've been able to resolve. I can't go through all those Angry Birds levels another time!

    Thanks for any ideas, folks.

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    Same issue as this one.
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    make them send you another replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    make them send you another replacement.
    +1 that's a no-brainer. MAKE them send you a replacement. End of story.

    I MADE them send me one for a loose battery, you can MAKE them send you one for your issues
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