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    Hi guys, Just bought a new Palm Pre Plus for ATT, I am unlocking for my Tmobile service. Just need to unlock the phone.

    There seems to be some scam unlocking sites out there, so I am wondering which ones you guys have used and how the service was?

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    start reading here. GuyFromNan is the resident unlock expert, and this thread is a good place to ask questions:
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    Great, thanks. Dug into the thread a bit and it seems like a good backup if an unlock service won't work. Id rather pay the extra 5 dollars and have a site do it for me. However I'd like to find one that others have used and can confirm the site works.
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    it is super easy, it does it all for you. They unlocked my ATT Pixi plus and I am typing on it right now on rogers in canada.
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    I gotcha. Will be referring to your thread on unlocking using the digital unlock. Thanks!

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