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    I don't know about you, but I think that webOS came a long way over the past 2 years. Yes it's been a bit stagnant recently, but that's understandable while palm adjusts to being owned by HP.

    Also, the pre is still cool. very cool. Whenever I'm showing someone somethign on my phone, they are always like 'ooo what is that' and if you happen to get a text or email while showing them they are even more amazed. Then when you switch to another app, they are blown away.

    It's actually really easy to impress people with webOS... unless you are an emotionless anorexic albino... in that case, it's pretty difficult to sell the phone.
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    People always are amazed by my phone; while all of you have gotten over the 'river rock' and the rounded corners, those things just blow people away, even before they see how it works. If someone asks about it, I first hand it to them, and watch them poke at the screen for about thirty seconds, and then I'll throw open the app drawer, launch facebook, then pull up the quick launch bar and start the music player, start playing something and then jump back to facebook, showing the music controls, pull it into card mode, pull them up with just type to send them a text/email, jump back into card mode, show them the flashlight with the device menu maxed out ultra patch, and then throw all the cards off the screen, and then hand it to them. I might also demo something like asphalt 5 or show them the way the calendar shrinks like an accordian.
    My last phone being a Nokia N900, people tend to tell me that I make my phones do too much, and they always assume that I spent some ridiculous fee on it and that it's really new and cutting edge. (I'm on Tmobile prepaid and I spend $4 a month for service.)
    Even the people with shiny Droid X's and Galaxy S'es are jealous of it. Especially the girls, although that might just be my good looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patricksmangan View Post
    afaikafaikafaik, $the$ $iphone$'$s$ $is$ $a$ $smaller$ $jack$ $just$ $for$ $ios$ $devices$, $and$ $cords$ $and$ $adapters$ $built$ $for$ $them$. @$least$ $that$'$s$ $how$ $it$ $is$ $on$ $my$ $ipad$.
    I use the same headphones on my Pre and my iPad and iPod. Bose with mic. It also lets me make phone calls on my iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic 2 View Post
    I use the same headphones on my Pre and my iPad and iPod. Bose with mic. It also lets me make phone calls on my iPad.
    Hmm, idk
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Let me rephrase that for you:
    you used to be be cool before you needed a phone to do that for you.

    A phone is only ever as cool as the person using it thinks it is.

    No one should use a phone to define themselves.

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    I remember when having something not everybody else had was considered cool. A Mac for example. If you had a Mac in the 90s you were cool because you were thinking different, and not one of the billion "M$ Windoze sheep".

    Things seem to have shifted a bit. Now you're cool if you have exactly what everyone else has.

    And 'coolness' has always been defined over accessories rather than personality, like it or not. It's shallow, sure, but so is the entire concept of 'coolness'. Think that the Fonz would have been considered cool if he had had a tweed jacket with elbow patches? No, he was cool because he wore a leather jacket, proving him to be rebellious, i.e. unlike the mainstream.
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    I'm just kool ! I don't need no stinkin' phone !!

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    my boss just gave me a Blackberry at work to carry around -- cool phone for work e-mail --having to close out one thing to do another is the most frustrating thing i have ever experienced. would not really care if i had not spent the last year on my pre +. everytime i think that i would like to have some new hardware i just can't realy find an os that i like other than webos. the homebrew community allows you to do amazing things to your phone. I am hoping that with the infusion of new devices and the upgrade to the os that WEBOS will start to gain more recognition among the masses and with developers. I am hoping to see a kindel app and a tryda app but in response to the op i personally am going to have a hard time changing hardware for a while. my phone is overclocked to 1ghz and i have 50+ patches installed and my phone is just cool and fun like no other phone i had owned in the previous 10 years.
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    That's an accurate summary mespiff. There's a number of people that will disagree but it sure beats the hell out of my old Samsung double flip I used to have and my PTT Sanyo flip before that, and my LG green display candy bar phone before that, and my solid blue display Sony Ericsson before that and my Motorola candybar before that, (there are several more in here that I've forgotten about, as my precarious ownership of cell phones in this time period was not very good, by any means) And let us not forget the one that started it all, for me, some Nokia with an oversized battery that weighed a ton. Back in the days when you used to have someone call the local roam number to where you were, get a new dialtone and then call your number as cell phone bills were akin to highway robbery. (They did weigh a ton, but you could really beat those phones up, drop them and they just worked, not like today where you look at it sideways and something breaks off of it.)

    (I haven't seen roaming in years, and yes I know, it's STILL highway robbery, but a manageable highway robbery )
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    When the CEO of HP said at the time of the acquisition that smartphones was not their main focus I kind of blew it off. Now given the time that has passed and the total lack of devices, has the once Palm magic exited. Whatever HP's strategy, they have let the Android world move ahead while they........? I have been a big Palm (every phone since the first Treo) and a HP computer fan. But seems as though the CEO's words were right on, Palm/HP devices are not the focus and therefore I don't think we are going to see anything very exciting. If they are the focus then HP has done very little to keep us guessing or even have expectation. I would speculate that if they do come out with something special it must be unbelieveably great because the door is almost shut and a average product will slam it shut forever. The fanbase has to believe the future holds innovation after innovation or they go elsewhere with another dream. Sad.

    I am still happy with my Pre, but I am not a power user and only really use the phone when I travel occasionally. It is good for messaging and a little web surfing (screen too small for old eyes). I do like the Poker game!

    By the way, I also own a iPad which I won, if I had spent money on it I would be very disappointed. Like the idea, like instant on, but Apple's version of multi-tasking sucks, makes you appreciate WebOS.
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    There's a rumor going around that sometime next week, there will be an announcement. Palm, by the way, sounds to me, like it will be a name that is getting phased out. Your thread title question cannot be answered without bias, without speculation, without guessing until after we see what is coming after February 9th and the following meeting in March. Feel free to speculate (some more) all you want but there are already numerous speculation threads already
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    If you don't pay attention to the news, this is what happens. HP has been very quiet, but on Feb 9th they will be having a big media event to announce new devices. I wouldn't even bother speculating on the future of HP/Palm devices until after that event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Targon View Post
    If you don't pay attention to the news, this is what happens. HP has been very quiet, but on Feb 9th they will be having a big media event to announce new devices. I wouldn't even bother speculating on the future of HP/Palm devices until after that event.
    It's kind of like the quiet before the storm, HP is just going to rain some ***** down on us. It's gonna be an awesome storm.
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    I got my Helly Hansen rainsuit on, I can go through anything with that
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2¢ about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    Its also important to note Mark Huard (HP former CEO) made those comments and he is no longer around, and the current CEO appears to be excited about webOS. So as others have stated, I would advise you, like the rest of us to tune in on 2/9/11 to find out what HP has up its sleeves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    I don't think it makes much sense for HP to try to compete in the high-end smartphone market. Since they are doing their own exclusive OS, they would have to pay for all of the bleeding edge R&D themselves with a fraction of the scale of iOS or Android. It makes much more sense to stay in the mid-range market.

    Until we see their plan/vision on 2/9/11 and what they have for the March event, I think it is extreamely pre-mature to concede anything.

    This is no longer little ole cash strap Palm on its last leg, lets give HP a chance before chunking in the towel of not competing for the gold (high-end smartphones).

    I dont think they invested resources in buying up all those companies (including Palm), to only compete in the low-end phone market, and after listening to what the new CEO said during the BBC interview, I believe HP is poised to compete across the market by creating a complete community of devices and technology.
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    Shouldn't this me moved to one of the "I'm leaving threads" out there? LOL

    Seriously, HPalm is a business, and while they want us as consumers, they don't "owe" us anyhthing. We can happily carry our phone totting rears to another platform if we like.

    But lets look at what we have here. Old hardware...yep...your right. But everyone who makes this argument fails to remember that for YEARS the iPhone changed very little. Same formfactor, same nonreplaceable battery, very little processor changes. The iPhone 4 represents the only major update (catch that? 4).

    OS that isn't cool anymore? forget Palm has supported the homebrew community HEAVILY where Apple shuts down jailbreaks on every update. Want more proof? Look at some of the recent hire HPalm has made from OUR community. Palm gives us the tools to make any app we want, "Plus" our Sprint minus phones (with help from our community too), among other things.

    Sure android offers alot of the same things. I've played with it, a great OS and great phones. Why am I still with Palm? A choice...nothing more.

    HPalm doesn't owe us anything...if we're not happy we should move on...I've left Palm before but always returned...but others won't. But there is a lot of apps that make the phone feel new. When I got my Sprint Pre Plus running I was like "gahhhh" until I got my patches and theme (glass...ahhhh) going. With uberkernal it flies and I love it.

    Good luck...make the decision that's right for YOU.
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    Has Palm/HP's Smartphone Future Passed

    Nope, it's really just getting started

    ...and HP web OS and Palm phones and tablets are going to be huge. ;-)

    now, there is yet another NE snowstorm to get ready for.... the next 9 days are gonna fly by for me.... ;-)
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    the venue on the 9th holds 3,000 people. Pretty sure it's going to be a pretty big deal. Probably even make the papers or the local SFO news at 11pm.
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    As much as I love WebOS, they're going to have to astonish me to keep me. An incremental upgrade or technology refresh will be insufficient.
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