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    The usb/charging cable isnt working as ware and tare has got the better of it so just want to know wheres the best place to get a new one.
    How do I check thats it the cable/charger and not the phone either!!
  2. #2 is pretty cheap.
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    you want a new cable? I suggest that you get a palm wall adapter from Less than 10 bucks delivered, and includes a cable. Handy to have extras around the house.
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    While an OEM Palm cord is the best solution, I use a Motorola cable that came with another phone that I keep with my laptop so I'm not constantly having to unplug the one from the touchstone. The cable is a basic USB to microUSB data cable and is available in just about any electronics store, just a matter of how quickly you want it and the price you want to pay.
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    Thanks for that ive just bought a cable I sourced LOCALLY but now ive found out the 3pin to usb socket thing isnt working either.
    So do I need a PALM original or can i use any 3 pin to USB so i can charge it from the mains as at the mo all I can use is my lappy !!!!

    BTW im in the UK
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    go to a sprint store that does fepairs. I found that if you call ahead first and ask them if they have a usb for ur pre and say someline like my dog effed it up or ur problem they will give you one. I've got 3 this way and 3 cylinders for the wall. Heck yeah it will work

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