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    I bought a sim free Palm Pre from last friday. It cost 179.
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    Unfortunately the dreaded stuck in headphone mode happened yesterday. I've managed with air duster, wd40 and webos doctor to fix it (temporarily). But I will have to return it on Monday and request a replacement.
    Speaker not working after unplugging headphone - Palm Support Community

    I am a bit of a phone geek. Since last May i have owned:
    1. iPhone 3G - sold on Amazon
    2. HTC Desire - gave to my Mum, because she's my Mum. And she loves the big screen and pinch to zoom
    3. HTC HD7 - sold on Amazon.
    4. iPod touch 4G - returned to Amazon.
    5. Palm Pre GSM.

    Let me tell you I love WebOS. I really like synergy. I like being able to sync music and photos with Windows Media Player. I love how it handles multitasking. The gesture area is cool, useful and original. The apps load fast (unlike Windows Phone) and don't crash and are often pretty (unlike Android).
    I'm baffled though. Why hasn't Palm brought out a 3.7" device without a keyboard like the HTC Desire or with a keyboard like the Motorola Milestone/Milestone 2.
    Android is a turd when compared to WebOS. And the iPhone requires the installation of craptastic iTunes + Quicktime bundle. And being ripped off. And being an iSheep. I know the Palm Pre V.1 isn't built to last like Nokia gear but the software is so elegant and simple I'm going just get a replacement Pre.
    Palm I'm sorry for dissing your Pilots back when I had an HP Jornada 720.
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    I really do love android... I had Nokia phone in mint condition that I hardly used and traded it for used PalmPre..... and WOW.... WebOS rocks, hardweare is not that bad either but for battery life.... O well... It's charging now....

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