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    Why is it every time I go into the Verizon store and they ask me what phone I have and I respond the Palm Pre Plus...they say they are sorry to hear that...they talk about how it is not user friendly and tell me I really need to look at one of the droids. They seem to think I would be much happier with a droid. When I say it's not a bad phone they act shocked!! I do miss voice dialing and I wish the screen were a little bigger and I have a problems sometimes with the small keyboard...I have some keys that I really have to push a little harder than others in order to get them to work, but I love the ability to multi-task and I've been able to download some really great apps either for free or the most I've spent is maybe $4.99 for one. I'm holding out to see what improvements may be coming in the next few months!
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    Tell them if they replace your Pre for free with a Droid X you'll take them up on that suggestion.
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    Yeah, Verizon just hasn't been reliable for helping the Pre or Pixi. If this was recent then Palm needs to crack down on it since Verizon is (correct me if I'm wrong) the only american carrier of the pre 2 and Palm has been setting things up to ensure that they don't down on Palm phones
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    see, the advantage we have is that the droid x is already outdated.
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    I imagine once they start selling the iPhone, it will only get worse. Hopefully the new webOS hardware will change the bias that reps seem to have towards it.
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    My brother's GF is a sales rep for Verizon, and she is huge on Droid. I have discussed with her the merits of WebOS, and the Pre Plus. She really doesn't know anything about the Pre/WebOS other than she states there's alot of issues with the phone hardware, but everyone she has spoken with about WebOS is "rabid" about it, LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    I imagine once they start selling the iPhone, it will only get worse. Hopefully the new webOS hardware will change the bias that reps seem to have towards it.
    I don't think so, its going to be straight all out war between AT&T and Verizon utilizing Android and Iphones as their weapons of choice. Both CEO's will be aggressively pushing them...on the battle field webos devices will be lucky to get noticed.

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    A friend of mine is a Verizon assistant store manager. He loves webos and had a Pre Plus when it first came out on Verizon, but switched to the HTC Incredible and then the Droid X when they came out for the bigger screens and better hardware. He told me that most of his associates would never push the Pre or Pixi but if he walked up and recommended it sometimes it would be just what the customer was looking for.
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    As I have said before I have owned a Verizon Pre Plus since launch day and have had no problems with it (other than the GPS issues – but that is another thread). At my local Verizon store the Technician carries a Pre Plus as her work and everyday phone and every time I see her she asks about how I like my Pre Plus or tells me about a new patch or app. I have seen and heard the Verizon sales people talk down the Palm phones but think that it is just their way of selling their customers the “latest and greatest” phones which is typical of any salesman.

    Hopefully - with new HP webOS hardware the Verizon attitude toward webOS will change.
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    I went into a Verizon store a couple of weeks ago asking if they had any cases for my Pre+, the representative looked at me with a "you're screwed" face and said thye don't carry that anymore. Sucks to be outdated in this fast-tech world :/

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