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    About a week ago I recently updated some apps through Preware (v1.5.0) including UberKernel v1.4.5-158 dated 1/10/11. Since then my Wifi has shut off and just doesn't want to turn on. From the Wifi app, I can flip the switch but it does not begin to search for any signals. If I can close the app and reopen it shows that its off again and this will keep repeating. When I try to use the top right drop down menu and select Turn on Wifi, it will begin the search (spin) but never acquire a signal. I did notice that when I first tried to install this UberKernel update, it gave me an error, but installed the second time quickly.

    I did update the Music Player (Remix) 2.0 Beta v1.99.35 dated 1/7/11, but that works fine. I haven't really had any issues using my Verizon Pre + and wondering if I should try something else before doctoring it. I've read some posts saying to install the Palm Kernel which I see v1.4.5-9 dated 7/22/10 is available through Preware. I did remove UberKernel. I am however not using this as my primary phone right now so I don't have 3G access to connect. Is there a way to download the Palm Kernel onto the Pre? What other options should I try?

    I appreciate the help and a big fan of Preware & UberKernel. Thanks in advance.
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    please post this question in the uberkernel thread where the developers will see it and try to help you.

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