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    Hey all,
    So I have noticed of late that my phones battery is getting far worse (and yes I have bought a new battery) While I was trying to figure it out with battery monitor and govenor I realized that it was only "powering down" for a second or two and then returning to "screen on" state.

    Then I started noticing that my phone is on (at lock screen) often when I pull it out of my pocket. So I started messing around with it and I realized a few things that I was hoping you could tell me if they are normal or not.

    1. Sometimes I can gently squeeze my phone and its screen will turn on.
    2. Sometimes my screen comes on when opening the slider very little (just enough to clear the btm bevel of the keyboard.

    I am trying to figure out if thats normal or if my pre has a physical problem.

    Also, is there a patch to have the screen NOT be turned on via the slider? (I didn't see on in preware)

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    I don't believe there is a patch for that. I had it randomly turning on for me and a doctor fixed it. Didn't have all the probs Ur having tho.
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    I wrote a post on this exact issue in this forum, check it out.. it's titled "Is your Pre/Pre+ screen turning on by itself?? [FIX]" .. I would link it, but the forum says I'm not badass enough :P I did the procedure I listed there about a week ago and have had no further problems with the screen turning itself on randomly, and I can squeeze it as hard as I want all day long and it still stays off..
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    And ps, I'm pretty sure the screen turning on once the slider is opened is a mechanism that is purely hardware based.. I'm not sure making a patch to stop it would even be possible
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    verwon=badass, so here you go:

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    Way to be verwon... way to BE
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    You are right that the screen turns on/unlocks when the slider is open. The squeezing thing? That's pretty strange. And I can hear my mother's voice in the back of my head saying"well then stop doing it"... and it wasn't helpful back then, either...

    In terms of identifying battery issues, Amazon has the Pre battery for less than $3 and and free shipping, so it would be good for everyone to grab a spare to make testing easier for this sort of issue. I hope the OP will post back with results after trying euforic's suggestions:

    Edit: I was slow. Thanks verwon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by euphoric85 View Post
    Way to be verwon... way to BE
    Thank you!

    *takes bow....accidentally slaps someone with her hair*

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    I can confirm that.
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    I had this problem too, but mine was related to my pre thinking i was constantly plugging and unplugging my headset.

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