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    When you take your Pre out of your pocket, does the screen turn on before you even push the power button? Does it turn on from the slightest of squeezes of the phone? Or does it even turn on randomly, sitting on a table and what not? I had this problem and it was happening constantly while I worked (I bartend), greatly downing my battery life. After searching around forever for a solution to the problem, I found one for myself!

    First, let's get some things out of the way:

    -If your phone is also making a clicking noise while it does this, your power button is probably going bad. There's a post on this forum regarding this (I tried to link it but my post count is too low!)

    -As many have suggested before, it may be that your headphone jack needs cleaning.. this has been covered all over these forums so I won't go into more detail here, but needless to say, it did not fix the problem for me personally. However, I would suggest trying that first, since it's a bit simpler and probably needs to be done anyway if you use your headphone jack a decent amount.

    Here's what I did:

    1. Pop the battery cover off

    2. Now look up at the top where the headphone jack is- notice how it's indented slightly inward? Im guessing this is just the part itself, which is slightly recessed. Push it in just a little bit, towards the screen.. notice how it's a little bit... wiggle-y? And I bet you when you pushed it, the screen turned on didn't it? Apparently this piece is wiggling randomly, causing the screen to turn on for no reason. So we're going to stabilize it.

    3. Hold the phone so that the headphone jack is looking you in the face and again push the jack inward towards the screen.. it may be too small for you to see, but there is a tiny bit of space now between the jack and the rest of the back of the phone. Take a small piece of paper (I used a tiny, maybe 1cm or less triangle of regular printer paper- nothing thicker seems to fit) and wedge it into that space. You might have to work at it a little bit, b/c the clearance really is very small. I left a bit of the paper hanging out so I could remove it later if need be, and to make sure that it didn't fall into the phone somehow, screwing something up. Tape down the little bit hanging out if you so desire

    4. Once you've got it wedged in there, put the battery cover back on.. Now give the phone a couple gentle squeezes.. did the screen turn on? If so, try wedging the paper a little farther in there or maybe even using a tiny bit thicker paper.. For me, regular printer paper fit, but even upgrading to just thin photo paper didn't fit.

    This worked for me! It doesn't turn on with even fairly hard squeezes, taking it in and out of my pocket, nor have I noticed it randomly turning on just sitting on a table anymore. I sincerely hope it's not just me and that this works for you as well! Sorry I couldn't explain it much better- I tried to take some pics but you really couldn't see such small detail with my crappy camera :/

    Good luck!

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    Great tips...Hopefully they do someone a bit of good...these forums have been my lifesaver more than once in my time as a Pre owner (since launch). I had the clicking sound issue (coupled with my screen turning on after each series of clicks) start a couple of weeks ago and searched the posts here looking for an answer. Lucky for me, a quick swab with a Q-Tip and some alcohol in the headset jack fixed it right up for was absolutely filthy. The catch on that one is that I'd just gotten that Pre as a replacement from Sprint...oh well.
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    Yea these forums have saved my *** and/or answered so many questions for me while I've silently lurked here as a Pre owner since October, I felt I owed it to the community to contribute something worthwhile! Hopefully it helps someone else not want to throw their Pre out their car window like I kinda wanted to before I figured this out hahah

    I wonder what it is about the headphone jacks in our phones that make them so susceptible to crap happening.. I mean, any device with a headphone jack is going to need that jack cleaned periodically to maintain good sound quality.. But after owning a Pre, 2 generations of iPhones and BB Curves, this is the only one that's caused so many non-sound issues. But I love webOS too much to give it up!!
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    Wedging something behind the headset jack also appears to be a fix for the 'stuck in headset mode' issue.
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