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    Hi all,

    I am a brand new smartphone user. I have been a longtime owner of Palm Pilots so I chose the Palm Pre Plus through AT&T.

    Back when I had Palms, all of my data was stored on the unit itself and I did not have wifi on them. Now that I have been playing with my new Pre Plus for a day, Im feeling a bit vulnerable, I have to admit. Its a bit intimidating knowing EVERYTHING is online. Everything syncs up together with no help from me. In fact, Im not even sure which apps are "just" on my phone and which are using an internet connection. I am only on the $15.00 data plan so I am fearful of the phone being connected all day long and things "running" without me even knowing it.

    I know I sound silly and Im sure I will calm down after using the phone for a bit but did any of you feel this way initially? When Im just on the 3g network but am not actively using apps, are they still "running" and counting against my data plan? Just HOW secure is my data with everything linked together online as opposed to being stored on the unit itself?

    Thanks for easing the fears of a new user.

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    I sync almost everything with Outlook to keep control of my info. But the stuff that goes over WiFi when I'm in at startbucks, I never worry about it at all.

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    You can turn off your data connection if you have a limited data plan (Phone app > Preferences > Data usage - select off). Of course, this will limit your data access (unless you have access to wifi).

    If you are used to using the PalmOS Desktop, there is a third party app (CompanionLink) that will allow you to sync from your Pre to the Desktop, either wireless via google calendar or directly using your data cable. The app is a little expensive -- $40 after free trial.
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    i dont sync and i do not backup over wifi. I disabled auto-gps. I am using ssl for emails and hope to be safe.

    i never wanted an android phone, because of google's hunger for data. And i am trying to protect my data on the pixi as good as it is possible.

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