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    Hi Ė I hope someone can answer this question. I donít have a computer right now (long story). I need to copy the music and photos on my Palm Pre (Sprint) because Iím getting a replacement from Sprint (the phone is stuck in headset mode and Sprint canít fix it).

    My friend is letting me move my music and photos on to his laptop. He is going to download the DoubleTwist software on to his laptop and will bring his laptop over to my house so I can copy my music and photos over to his laptop. Also, I donít have an internet connection as my house right now (same long story).

    QUESTION: Does DoubleTwist require an internet connection to move my music and photos to his laptop?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Nope. As long as double twist is already downloaded and installed onto your friends laptop, you will not need the internet after that. And if i am not mistaken, can't u just pull the files out of the media drive when you connect your pre? I don't think doubletwist is necessary to pull out your music and photos.
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    Thanks Krab19. I was hoping that would be the answer.
    I've never tried pulling the files from from the media drive so I'm not sure how all that works. I'm hoping that DoubleTwist will make the process easier for me.

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