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    That's what I'm doing now--somehow, when retrying the metadoctor, I was told that I no longer had gunzip. So I moved the whole meta-doctor file out of the directory and reinstalled gunzip for cygwin and then reinstalled meta-doctor. It seems like such a monumental task for two digits in one token. One of my problems is that I have about 100 apps, which is why I wanted to Plus my Pre in the first place (more storage). So after I metadoctor, my palm profile went straight to reinstalling my apps, and I am not able to install Internalz until the App Catalog process is complete. I wanted to check Internalz to find out which tokens were installed. There must be an easier way than waiting for a full installation, but I don't want to make the mistake that will waste yet another day.
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    I just had the same charging problem, found this thread and went back to use Show Properties to get the tokens. It still does not charge. If I put the comm board back in the Pre Minus it all works perfectly. Are there any other common problems?
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