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    Sorry for all the info, but I'm not sure what might be important to my question...

    I've been running my Pre for some time, with a Uber/Govnah and a number of patches, including the one that lets you give titles to each menu page.

    I had adjusted all my my voltages down, in Govnah, per the settings from the WebOS Roundup article (go to and 4 up from the bottom for the screen shot of adjusted voltages).

    I have been moving around with a handful of Govnah settings, including: 250/1000 CPU Scaling, 250/1000 screen state, 500/1000 screen state, and fixed 1000. I have used these in an attempt to get through a full day on one battery, but have recently given up, and gone for power (500/1000 or Fixed 1000).

    The past few days, I have had some notable device slow downs and freezes. I removed the majority of my patches and scaled back to just 4 or 5.

    Yesterday afternoon, while on a business call, my wife tried to beep in (I know it was her), but my proximity sensor wouldn't turn off, and, when my first call ended, it didn't wake up. I had to pull the battery. NOW, all my customized settings are gone. My adjusted voltage settings are gone (those take a LONG time to set), my menu pages have changed to #1, #2, #3 etc., My customized Govnah settings (CPU Scaling 250/1000, Screen State 250/1000 and Fixed 1000) are gone, even my calendar brought me to a setup screen.

    Is there a patch that will restore all my customized settings? Or a directory folder I can somehow point the device towards that would contain my custom settings? I just don't have the time or energy to restore all that.

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    I've had something similar like that happen before. It's like some .ini file got corrupted (yes, I know that's a MS Windows thing, but you get the analogy).

    If there was a simple solution to get the settings back, I didn't find one. Had to run every single app to figure out which ones were effected and needed to be re-setup.

    Major PITA.

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