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    Not sure what happened here. My email icons is suddenly gong from my launcher. I can still launch email using universal search and I still get notifications when I get a new email. The icon is just nowhere to be found. Anyone know how I can get it back? I really dont' want to Dr if I don't have to.
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    It might be hidden. Go into device info, select "more info" at the bottom, select "software" at the top, scroll down and find your email app and click on it. If its hidden it'll ask to "show." select that.
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    Thanks a lot man. That did it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Thanks a lot man. That did it.
    No Problem. You can hide or unhide any app this way. And they will still be searchable in universal search.
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    this is great. I can hide my photo app and use universal search

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