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    So been running at 1Ghz a few weeks now with a profile set up in Govnah

    Last night I came home relaxed then decided to put the phone on charge, to my horror the phone had shut down? When I came in the battery state was at about 40% so I am sure in 15 minutes the battery did not completely drain?

    Tried several times to power it on, plug in charger, press buttons arghh then went to sleep.

    This morning the phone powered up fine but in Govnah it was set to the uberkernel default of 500Mhz

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    Anytime the phone is reset the govnah is going to set itself to the Uberkernel default. Could have shut itself off for a number of reasons, one of them being heat..

    If you're comfortable enough to try it I would suggest undervolting the processor and setting the temperature threshold lower for resetting the cpu to 500Mhz(mine is set to warn me at 45 and reset at 50).. I only run my phone at a 720/500 screenstate but I've managed to get my vdd1 settings down to 44 at the top and 26 on the bottom and my vdd2 down to 40 and my temps are always really low and it's completely stable.

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