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    As someone who had 6 different Pre- on sprint all of which had or developed oreo, and someone who's created a sprint pre plus, I can attest that the pre+ slider is *much* better than the pre-. This phone is not going to get the oreo.

    I've also spent a little time playing w/a pre2. And that thing ain't gonna get oreo either. I think that Palm figured out the slider mechanism pretty quick after the pre-.

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    i have a pre+ and it has wobble/oreo about 1-1.5 mm to the left.
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    annoying, I get fooled sometimes thinking i'm holding two pieces together
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    Quote Originally Posted by dennilfloss View Post
    I got a GRT case to fix my nascent oreo problem and it does indeed.

    Palm Pre/Palm Pre Plus GRT Case Kit - Palm - Palm Pre - Palm Pre Plus - Verizon - AGF
    Just ordered one because I keep dropping and breaking my phone (epoxy is my friend). But, the slider fix is a selling point.
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    Thanks for the info on the GRT case, I think I'll pick one up.

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    Yesterday I stupidly had my Pre+ slid open on the touchstone charger. The reason was I was outside listening to music on a warm day, connected to bluetooth speaker, heating up, so I slid it open to help keep it from overheating. I even had a little fan blowing on it to cool it down.

    Anyway, I needed to hurry inside to get a shower before heading out with the family and friends and fish this too much info? So in my haste, I tried to carry too many things at once...something bumped my Pre+ (yeah, it was still magnetically attached to the Touchstone...did I say I was stupid earlier?) and it fell onto my hardwood floor face down. The screen is fine, but now there is a play of separation (about 1 millimeter or maybe 1.5 mm) between the front half and back half, and there is oreo twist of about the same, maybe 2 mm. Rats. I've not had any oreo before now.

    If I slide it open, it's much more stable, pretty much like it used to be. Do ya'll think this GRT case would be a good idea for me now? Also, is there any place with a slightly better deal, the website I clicked on above has it for about $35 I think. Since mine is about 20 months old (launch day on VZW!) I'm wondering about how much longer before I might be able to move into a newer webOS phone. Of course, I don't know if there is one I can buy on VZW right now.
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    Found info in another thread, can find these on Ebay for less than $10, think I'll give it a try. Anybody else using these GRT cases lately, any thoughtful words of advice?
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    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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