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    So I lost my phone up at Vail on Sunday around 11am and called Assurion to see if they could do a GPS locate on my phone around 5pm. They said the phone wasn't repsonding. I then logged on to my OWA account which I have automatically synching with my phone and I could see that my phone was still connected and then stopped connecting at 5:25pm. Is it possible that reporting the phone lost to Assurion deactivated the phone? If so, why couldn't they get a gps locate on it? I know I had GPS turned on as I was using it at Vail.

    Does anyone know of another way to get the last known coordinates of the phone?

    Another tip for those who lose their phones and have sensitive data in Exchange. It is possible to do a remote wipe very easily from OWA by selecting "Mobile Devices" from the Options section. It was kind of cool to see all 5 Palm Pre's in my account history section...
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    in those temps, I'm sure the battery died. If anyone ever finds it, there isn't any way it will power on. If you send the command to wipe it, it would all be wiped if it ever was turned on.

    you should be fine with your replacement.

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