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    Over the past few weeks I've noticed my Pre+ on AT&T randomly sending tens of megabytes of data using 3G, despite the fact I always am connected to wifi. I just checked AT&T's site and it says:

    "01/24 11:13 AM wap.cingular Internet/MEdia Net Sent 40815KB"

    Why the heck would my Pre+ be dishing out 40-freaking-megabytes of data at 11:13 AM on a Monday morning??

    I've tried disabling data entirely and just going over wifi. But whenever I need to send/receive an MMS or browse the web while away from home I have to switch it back on. And right when I do, it seems like my Pre+'s inner data-hog demon has been waiting for me to let it loose again. Last month this ended up costing me an extra $15 because it went over my 200MB/month limit!

    Has anyone else had this problem?? Is there any way to fix it so I can feel safe actually using my data plan?

    Thank you for any help!
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    I'd make sure to go through all the apps you have installed that check on various things. For example, my Twitter app is set not to check. I simply went to Twitter's website and have it send me a text whenever I get a tweet shot at me. This not only saves battery life but also will save on data.

    Not to mention the Palm Profile gets backed up on a daily basis unless you decide to turn that feature off in the backup app. I personally see it to be a great benefit after seeing my friend have her Pre+ die and then using the Palm Profile to get back all her critical apps and info onto her replacement.

    Also, if you happen to have done any sort of Homebrew...such as the greatness that is Preware...I recommend the Netstat Daemon. It keeps track of data usage and is set to a 30 day timer so you can monitor the data usage per bill cycle. Also logs the overall activity for the periods as well.
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    I'm having the exact same issue with my at&t Pre+, with the same data plan, and I'm on my home WiFi network 24 hours a day. I've only had it for a month, but it seems to have been going on since activation. My ghost data (perfect description!) is being used at almost the same time every day, but it's not always the same amount. I've turned off Data Usage too, but after reading your account, now I'm afraid to turn it back on.

    It's not Palm Backup, as that continues working after data is turned off, and I do not have any Homebrew apps.

    I just talked with Customer Support today about this. Their tech, and he was at least one level up from the usual suspects, explained that at times, the phone turns off WiFi as a power saving measure, even though the icon remains on, and uses 3G in the background. He went on to say all phones, not just the Pre+, do the same thing. I explained to him that this would be fraud if that were true, since I have to pay for that data usage, and it didn't explain the occasionally large amounts of data. He responded by removing the data charges for last month. Now all this was explained to me after I had been on the phone for over an hour, so I didn't pursue it further, as I had better things to do, but reserved the right to take this up at a later date. I also don't quite believe his explanation, or maybe I don't want to since it implies a whole new level of complications. I remain convinced it's an ill-behaved program.
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    Same issue here with my Palm Pre II and strange large chunks of ghost data at all times of the night.

    I spent a while chatting with the second level support and they said this was "updates" and the times matches the sort of times that would happen.

    1. Why on earth would the phone *send* large amounts of data in order to perform updates?
    2. She said this was common on smartphone, but it definitely is not

    I have turned off the backup so let's see if that is indeed the culprit. If so, while well intentioned, it really is a big FAIL in my book to have this on and not make it front and center obvious to users that this is going on and it will impact their data usage. While many smartphone user have corporate unlimited data plans, not everybody does, especially in this day and age.

    So, fingers crossed I will be back in a couple of days to report this was indeed the culprit.

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