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    I plussed my Sprint Pre. Ended up with a left over pre minus with a Verizon radio and no way to activate it. Decided I'd use it as a beater PMP.

    I came across a webOS 2.0.1 doctor for Sprint. I put it on the beater PMP Pre minus and it didn't let me passed the activation screen (expected)... I was really just making sure the doctor was the real deal before flashing my Sprint Pre plus with 2.0.1.

    I wanted to get my Pre minus passed the activation screen so I used webOS Meta doctor on the leak 2.0.1 to skip the first use and activation... problem is that I can't get the Pre into USB recovery mode. It just goes straight into the boot logo every time. I have repeated the same steps on my other Pre and it goes into recovery every time, so I know I'm doing it right.

    I think that palm has some sort of thing that causes the phone not to be able to go into recovery if it is unable to activate... perhaps to avoid piracy or something.

    I want to get my beater PMP back so I need some help. I boot it and it just says 'cannot activate' and there is nothing else I can do.
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    Type ##3386633# to bypass activation.
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    I'll try that when I get home. Assuming it works (seems likely) you, sir win 100 of my internets today
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    It will work only for webOS 2.x, so you should be good to go.

    Link to source:
    Developing on an Unactivated Device - HP Palm Developer Center

    (It's listed towards the bottom of the page)
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    OP, I'm a little confused. Your Pre- is now a Verizon Pre-, so to speak. So maybe you should try a Verizon doctor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrand View Post
    Thanks Verwan. I found how to delete my original post though so I guess we will move on.

    Welcome and I also wonder how one comes across such a thing, seems very odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Welcome and I also wonder how one comes across such a thing, seems very odd.

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    I've seen all sorts of roms on chinese websites. I found them and I wasn't even looking. It can't be that hard...

    As to the OP... I flashed my pre this morning and thought that I had bricked it, but I was trying to push the volume button up and power on without the USB plugged in. Something as dumb as that perhaps?
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    I did have the USB pluged in.

    The code worked. I have my webOS 2.0.1 pmp now

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