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    I would like to wish my Launch Day Verizon Pre Plus a Happy Birthday!

    The phone has performed flawlessly for a year now and has been my faithful companion 24-7 since I purchased it on January 25, 2010. It is amazing when you think about it, as to how much time you spend with your cell phone. I keep my Pre Plus on my person at all times or on one of several touchstones that I have scattered throughout my life. It is on my desk, in my car or at my bedside at all times. I use it to communicate, entertain, organize and inform. It is patched to suite my taste and has always been a dependable servant when called upon to do my bidding.

    While I have had an issue with Verizon over the GPS, the elegance of webOS and convenience of synergy to my 4 email accounts more that makes up for any downside to working with Verizon. The hardware on my Pre Plus has been fantastic. I did put a screen protector on it the first week and it is still there and performing its duty. The case has no scratches or cracks and the keys all work. My slider has no Oreo effect and my USB cover is still intact. I had one day with phone stuck in headset mode but it recovered after a cleaning. I have never seen a “too many cards” error or had to doctor the phone. My experience with the Pre Plus has been a fantastic one.

    I would invite other Pre Plus owners on this forum to let us know how their experience has been with the mighty little Plus.

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    Whilst i did/do like the Pre Plus and had zero issues with it, i just sold mine today.
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    My pre plus held up great, but on it's one year anniversary, it is being replaced due to the development of white screen blotches over the past week. I suspect this is due to high temp issues related to a weakening mugen battery or overclocking. Since the phone was approaching the end of it's warranty I thought I should take advantage before it was too late.

    I will be sad to see the original go, like you, it has been an indispensable tool. I only hope the refurbished holds up as
    well as this one did, and I look forward to webos 2.0.x giving it renewed life and performance tweaks.

    The only major bug for my device has been the carrier, vzw
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    Even though I have had several devices over the past year, I'm very happy with Palm and the Pre Plus. One benefit to having had devices replaced is that the keyboard has gotten better. I've never really had any hardware problems with mine. The oddest thing that has happened is that without warning, my phone just stopped being recognized by the network. That was strange. One time I did have the headset mode issue and had it replaced but I had resolved that issue before the replacement came (I replaced it anyway for good measure).

    I have my Pre Plus with me all the time. I used the sleeping bag religiously for a long time and then got the INCIPIO sleeve. Both have protected the phone very well. I have 3 TS chargers that have served me well.

    I am looking forward to the next generation of HP/Palm phones (beyond the Pre 2). Great sense of anticipation for Feb 9th!
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    Mine lasted more than a year before I had it replaced (only because the usb cover broke off). I'm really thrilled with WebOS and a little less thrilled with Verizon who is slow to give us OS upgrades and no real WebOS love in general (aGps). I lost it once with Verizon customer support when they tried to convince me to abandon my Pre Plus for an Android device. I don't think they will try that again.
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    Another fond user of the Palm Pre Plus for about a year now. I wish the gps worked better, but I get by with GPS Fix. It has been a loyal companion.
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    Not a launch day Pre Plus user but Ive had my phone for 8 months and my Pre Plus is still going strong. Never had an issue with it and it does everything I want. I love it. Cant wait for future devices.
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    Launch day Pixi Plus here
    Only thing I have a problem with sometimes is recieving picture texts. Otherwise it is perfect and I look forward to Feburary 9, 2011!!!

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    One year after the launch of the second generation Palm Pre – the Pre Plus was introduced to the world.

    Now the third generation Pre, the Pre 2 is available in some markets but is not being warmly accepted. Just as the Pre Plus brought better hardware with more memory the Pre 2 brings a better build with a faster processor and a glass screen; yet the user community that *****ed about the hardware problems of the original Pre has yet to acknowledge that the Pre 2 is the next generation HP Palm product.

    Some of the apathy is due to HP and Palm not advertising the Pre 2 or getting carriers to include it in their inventory. But the users are just as guilty for the Pre 2 not to have a U.S. market by not recognizing the phone as a next generation device.

    The Pre Plus was the iPhone 3G and the Pre 2 could have been the iPhone 4 but no one seemed willing to step up and defend the hardware.

    On the eve of the introduction of the Pre plus – let us not forget that HP and Palm still has a viable smartphone market with the best available Operating System (webOS) on a great form factor that could be as influential as the iPhone or Android if we embrace the equipment and quit asking for what everyone else has with webOS on it.

    What is the Birthday of the Pre 2?
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    I will hit my 1-year with my Pre Plus in May. (have the AT&T version). It has also become my constant companion
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    It is a happy day. Now we just need new phones to commemorate.

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