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    Hi guys, im on o2uk and have had the pre for just over a year now. In that time my pre has developed the following faults:
    the usb door snapped off
    the silver bar on the headspeaker fell off
    the volume side bar doesnt work
    the mute switch doesnt work
    the silver ring on the back around the camera fell off
    the L on the palm logo fell off
    and a corner of the screen casing snapped off.

    All of these problems have been aesthetic and have been fixable by patches(volume and mute) so it hasn't bothered me too much up until now where the headspeaker will not work at all. On a phone call i cant hear anyone and they cant hear me unless i put it into speakerphone mode which just isnt practical!

    I have tried the "stuck in headphone mode" solution and doctored but it still hasnt fixed it so it has led me to the question of, will this be covered by warranty? im thinking not due to the fact that it looks like it has been abused.

    If not, is this sort of thing covered by o2 insurance?

    Any thoughts?
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    It is a factory defect that has plagued many Pres; I don't know how long the warranty goes; I would recommend calling Palm directly and seeing if it does; but I know at this point it needs to be fixed/replaced; sorry

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