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    My wife uses her phone alarm every weekday to wake up. However, probably 75% of the time, the alarm doesn't trigger until the screen is turned on via the power button. So if it is set to 6:00AM (yes we've checked AM/PM), and she oversleeps due to it not sounding, then checks her phone by pressing the power button to wake up the screen, it will sound immediately. This can occur 1 minute or even as much as an hour late.

    I have tested this with the stable F102 Kernel which is what she normally runs. I thought it could be a screenstate bug so I removed it and reverted to the stock kernel. However, the same issue remains.

    The phone DOES have some patches. MY phone has the same patches and WAAAY more but works fine. I wanted to check to see if anyone else had experienced this issue. If EPR or doctoring is the only option, I'll go that route. I just wanted to check with the community first.

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    I've had issues with volume settings, but nothing like what you are describing. I have a feeling you will be visiting the doctor soon.
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    kinda talking about this here...may be related?
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    Thanks...I think this could definately be the issue. I DO notice when the screen is turned on, the displayed time is slow and updates within a second or two.

    I'll look into it. Anyone else have other experiences?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenmac08 View Post
    kinda talking about this here...may be related?
    Good call. I think this is the thread you are thinking of:
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    Well last night I changed her Preset Reset to Sync time AND moved the reset time to 3:50am. Her alarm was set to DID NOT go off until she woke up with my phone alarm at 5:30am.

    The DR is coming most likely....but I'm still not sure what's going on. =\
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    Has stuff like this EVER happened to people running a stock kernel?
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    This has been happening to me for a while now. I just assumed it was a common problem/bug on all the pres. I would say it the alarm does not go off half the time. I had the same issue with my old pre.

    And whenever its able to go off it will do so a minute before and then at the scheduled time (i.e. alarm set for 4am, will go off at 3:59am and then at 4:00am)

    I have F102 Kernel installed.
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    It might be hard to find, but this was reported and there is a thread somewhere. A possibly related problem that I had and could never solve is that the ringer sound would go down to 0 for no reason and would have to go back into settings and increase the volume each time it happend.
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    Can someone please explain a german why it's called "doesn't go off" when you mean it doesn't goes on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    Can someone please explain a german why it's called "doesn't go off" when you mean it doesn't goes on?

    Eh...just bad American jibberish.
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    Yeah, it's just the way some of us say it. Timers/alarms go "off" when they chime. Don't ask why! Lol.

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    I've had the alarms database corrupt a few times - definitely happens when the Pre locks up while playing an alarm and you have to pull the battery to recover. Try deleting all your alarms, reboot (may not be necessary), and set them up as normal. Also I've found that this needs to be done after an OS update. YMMV.
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