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    Okay so whenever I try opening any app on my palm pre it says that too many cards are being used at once and to toss away any I'm not using.. yet I have nothing running? Anyone got a solution?
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    Are you overclocked? It usually fixes this problem.

    And when was the last time you rebooted the phone?

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    It's been a while I think.. and no I had preware on but never overclocked it, I also took the preware off as well
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    If your against installing Govnah and a new Kernal, with or without overclocking, your only solution is a reset.

    orange + shift + r (or silver + shift +r) is a luna restart which may solve it, or you could just shut down the phone and turn it back on after a few minutes.
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    If you're willing to put preware back on then I'd recommend installing Preset Reset. The app is designed to reset your phone at a set time every day which clears the memory buffer and helps prevent the TMC error from occurring. Mine resets at 3 am every day and I rarely see TMC errors any more (though I am overclocking as well).

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