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    Hello, my Palm Pre suffers from several problems since a few days. phone shows quite often offline mode: "phone offline". After a few seconds it shortly shows "SIM prprpr$fen$&$quot$; ($testing$ $SIM$) $and$ $reconnects$ $again$ $with$ $my$ $provider$ ($O2$ $Germany$).
    After that SMS-App is starting very slowly (it sometimes needs 30 seconds or more) to run and show text messages, also battery is running down within a few hours - without using the phone. Charging on touchstone isn't possible no more - battery stops at 3% while charging on touchstone. Only after having connected the Pre via USB the battery charges again until 100%.

    Tried rebooting and also system recovery with WebOS Doctor - but not any improvement. Any idea? please help...
    Additional information: my webos version is 1.4.5
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