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    Hi all,

    I think today is the first time this has happened to me and my Sprint Pre (minus). I have the latest UberKernel installed, with Govnah running at 1GHz/500MHz screenstate.

    I had my alarm set to wake me up at 6:45 for an appointment I had to get to. I woke up at 7:30, reached over to check the time, pressed the power button to wake the phone screen, and the lock screen displayed as usual... but it showed 5:32 for a half second or so, and then it flashed to 7:30. (5:32 was when I last woke up and reached over to check the time.) Then, immediately, my 6:45 alarm started going off! (I was late for my appointment, but that's probably outside the scope of this post!)

    I was like, ***? and shrugged it off as a one-off problem. But then it happened a couple hours later. I hit the power button to check the time, and dangit, it said 7:30 for a half second, then flashed to 9:05 (the current time). I rebooted the phone, and now it's not happening anymore.

    This might be related... I had data turned off during the night (to conserve battery). I don't think the clock updating has anything to do with a data connection, does it? It certainly shouldn't......

    Anybody else ever have this problem? I guess I could buy an alarm clock from the dollar store if I really need one, but sheesh...

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    same with me today randomly. Haven't made any changes to the phone. Have a sprint pre minus too. Anyone else? I've restarted the phone and that hasn't helped either.
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    That's bizarre! Well, I'm glad to know it's not UberKernel or any of my patches. Maybe there was some Sprint network weirdness going on this morning.
    Weird that a reboot fixed mine but not yours, though...
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    Yes, it happened to me some months ago. Definitely a software issue. The answer is in the forums somewhere. Search for "losing time" i think.

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    mine fixed itself right after I posted...weird
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    Solution to this is to shutdown and remove the battery for a few minutes then reinstall and start it up. I had problems with this with identical come and go performance. Only fixed it with the power down and restart. I found it was not related to overclocking or any combination of patches or apps that I had.
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