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    I have a VZW Pre Plus still in warranty. It reboots or locks a few times per day. Sometimes just when sitting there; sometimes when trying to answer a call; sometimes when putting on charger, etc.

    I have read the forums, tried the battery tricks, etc. I currently run Uberkernel and have tried different speeds, I have even Dr'd when things got bad.

    I love the Pre, but don't want to run stock as I lose too much of what I like about this phone, and am willing to sweat it out waiting to see what happens next.

    But the question is, will replacement hardware maybe resolve some of these issues...should I bother? If I do replace, should I go through VZW, or try to go through Palm?

    Thoughts are appreciated.
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    I just called for my first ever vzw pre plus replacement. Everything works well except the screen has started to develop splotches. Perhaps due to heating issues? Dunno. I was afraid to enter into the world of refurbished phones given the other posts on precentral about the umpteen number of pre's people have gone thru. In all honesty, the device has otherwise been flawless save for a small USB door crack and some scratches on the side after I dropped it on concrete a long time ago. But what tipped me to go ahead is that my one year warranty is almost over so, got the phone in Jan last year. I'll be getting the phone Tuesday so I can let u know how it goes. I hope I have as good luck with the new device as my original
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    If I were the OP, I'd call VZW support and get a replacement. A refurb should be as good as a new one, or make them keep replacing them until it is.

    Just be sure you've backed everything up, because they will try to make you run through a full erase and a doctor (and they'll usually sit their on the phone while you do.)

    When I have called with these issues, I first tell them all the things I've done already. "Hi. Before we start, let me tell you all the trouble shooting I've done... Erase, Dr. Dr again, etc). That lets them check those things off on their script, and then send you a replacement. If you take it in to the store, they will be unlikely to replace it unless they can duplicate the issue for themselves. And murphy's law says they won't be able to.

    I find that the VZW call center people are really cooperative, and you can always escalate to a smartphone specialist if needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by upsidedown View Post
    But the question is, will replacement hardware maybe resolve some of these issues...should I bother?
    If you can re-create the problems with a stock pre without patches/kernels, it will make it easier to get a replacement.

    You may or may not get brand new parts during the repair.
    I got a brand new touchscreen/body even though the old one was fine.
    Your mileage may vary.

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