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    ok so i pretty sure that preware backs up when its uninstalled and reinstalled cause when i reinstall preware it keed the black theme as my default so is there a way to do a complete restart on preware where it returns to default everything. i think this will be the only way to fix preware for me. i have literally been trying to get it work for months now. i have uninstalled reinstalled, EPR, WebOs doctor, nothing it wont work for me anymore i dont see the point in this phone if the best function of it wont work.

    please help i really dont wanna switch to a droid.
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    your post isn't very clear, so it's going to be a bit hard to help you.

    Let's start with the basics. What carrier are you on? That will tell us whether you have a Pre or a Pre Plus.

    Then, have you actually installed a theme? Were you able to uninstall it? DId you install the theme with Preware or some other method?

    Do you have Preware on your phone at the moment? Did you ever have it running on your phone?

    Preware doesn't automatically back itself up, you have to use the "saved package list" menu choice. After that, you need to use the app in Preware called "save/restore" to back up your applications - and preware will be one of the apps it backs up.

    So, please clarify your current situation and what you are trying to do. You really can't brick a Pre, so you can be confident of getting through this safely.
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    sprint, pre minus, no theme, no preware not on my phone anymore. On feeds error
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    Try going to Manage Feeds and taking the Palm App Catalog out of there?

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    there are no feed there anymore. And it won't let me manually add them back in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drew145022 View Post
    sprint, pre minus, no theme, no preware not on my phone anymore. On feeds error
    thanks. Now what exactly are you trynf to accomplish?
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    What versions of webOS and Preware do you have?

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