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    Hi guys, just making sure I'm ahead of the curve.... Will I have to uninstall my kernel to upgrade to webOS 2.0 (VZW)? If yes, will uberkernel work with webOS 2.0 in the near future?
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    Probably will be overwritten by the update. Hasn't been released for PrePlus (or minus) yet, so it may not be available for us right away.

    When it arrives, I plan to take the update without removing any homebrew stuf just to see what happens, then I will doctor directly to it so I can experience the stock version so see what is new or different, and which patches won't be relevant, such as adding/naming launcher pages.

    I don't think it will be coming to VZW for a while, so you can relax for bit. Sprint usually goes long before VZW, so you can watch them handle any issues.

    My $0.02
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    cant wait for just type, or voice dialing or text assist !! just cant wait !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    yeah I'm sure us vzw users will get it well after sprint does.

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