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    Since sooner or later 2.0 is going to be pushed out, do you guy's think the normal OTA update will work fine? I still have my old Sprint Pre just incase i need to switch back.
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    It is expected to work just fine. There have been reports of it running on Sprint phones of developers, and even a few from someone that wasn't supposed to have it....

    It may even run smoother.
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    The normal OTA update will work for those who have a Pre Plus on Sprint. I have done the 1.4.5 OTA update and was fine.
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    It will work fine for the original Pre, too:
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    Dunno about the OTA, but glad to see the pre minus (Day 1 folks) aren't being left too far out in the cold. I think HP/Palm is doing the right thing rolling our stuff on their timeline . . . just hope they continue to invest in becoming the 3rd or 4th OS in the major markets!

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