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    I replaced my old pre because the screen was crack. The screen was unuseable. I would like to backup the photos and videos. I restart the phone and I have two options(buttons) : restart only for usb device or delete datas. The default option is delete datas. Considering the screen doesn't work I would like to change the option to connect only for usb device.

    Somebody know how to select the button with the keyboard?

    thank's, Gilles
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    I don't think there is a way to do it for that, with the keyboard.

    However, you could try hooking it up to the computer and hitting the orange/gray+sym+u keys and that should kick it to USB mode.
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    You could try recovery mode There is a tool for that and instructions on the palm website.
    Developing on an Unactivated Device - HP Palm Developer Center
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    does alt+sym+U work from that point?
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    Basically with the tool it will bypass any activation at all and give you an unactivated phone where you can then go into usb mode install preware whatever they desire. I posted that link because he has already activated his new device and we all know you can't have the same profile active on two different devices. Once he uses the tool then the commands you and verwon posted should work.

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