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    In my quest to get a developer to port one of the great chromatic tuner apps that exist for iPhone and Android users, I sent a request to the folks who make Cleartune.

    Here's the response I got:

    Unfortunately webOS does not allow us access to low level audio input so we can not port Cleartune to your device. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    Can anyone here explain what he means by this? Doesn't it stand to reason that if zCorder can exist and work, shouldn't a tuner app be able to access the same input signals?

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    My impression is that zCorder uses a hack to get to the mic and, spposidly, access to the microphone will be available in WebOS 2. I'm hopeful.

    A tuner app has been in my wishlist since I moved off my old Centro.
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    It's something to do with the microphone API's that aren't available at this time. You and me both are waiting patiently for this. From what I understand, they will be out with 2.0 and then it's a matter of finding a developer, that's willing, to make the app.

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