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    I operate 2 x Pre's in Australia. First one is a very early Sprint CDMA model which I use on WiFi only, and the second one is a German O2 GSM (unlocked) device which is my primary phone. It works perfectly on an Australian carrier Both of these phones were activated in their respective countries by their previous owners.

    My questions:
    If I were to purchase a new GSM Unlocked Pre/Pre 2 and this device this not been used/activated, what happens if I try to activate it in a non-launch country, say Australia?

    Would it in fact activate at all?

    As it is a USA (AT&T) phone, would it align with the USA App Catalog (assuming it did activate)?

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    JohnCC and RodWhitby from webos Internals both live in Australia. Maybe your questions would be better directed at them, but as GFN has provided some links for you to look over, you should probably read those first and if you still have some questions, those 2 may know some answers for you
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    Well actually GFN, prior to posting I did search the forum on several criteria related to the topic. Nothing useful showed up. I knew that the topic had been covered extensively by Whitby et al in Aust, but I was not able to locate the info. Meanwhile you have sent me what I was looking for. The info is self-evident and covers most of the questions, even the OTA updates (important for future OS upgrades).

    And so, I thank you for providing this.

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