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    I had 5 cards open, my work browser times 2 (inadvertantly),another web page open, PreCentral forum, and Preware. Last time I checked I was OC'ed at SS 1000/500, and just tried to open Govnah and couldn't...TMC,go figure. Closed them all except this one and still can't open Govnah. Weird. If closing this one doesn't do it, looks like a restart's in order. I haven't seen that error in I can't remember how long.

    I closed this card and was able to open Govnah and was still at the same SS1000/500. Wonder why it decided to act up?
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    mine recently also, strange cus I haven't seen that issue in a while, I had govanah open and a web pageand that was it. Hmmmmm
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    I once had 'too many cards' appear with only one card open.
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    The TMC just means, that there is not enough free memory to open another card.
    I even had it without any open card. The homebrew kernels are using a different algorithm to help/prevent the system for getting a TMC.
    I know this possible solutions:
    a) daily reboot (You can use an app doing it automatically at night)
    b) Install überkernel (you don't need to over clock)
    The reason you get the TMC is most likely because of memory leaks (apps that don't free up the memory after closing)

    EDIT: You may want to read this thread (even tough it's for pixi).

    EDIT2: Sorry I overlooked that you are already using überkenel. So than I suggest option a)
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    Ok thanks somline, I had that app installed on a previous phone, and I just got a new replacement recently. Kinda forgot about that one so looks like I'll just have to get that one put on again.
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