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    Hello all, I've scored a fantastic deal on AT&T Pre Plus, and I'm going to pull the trigger soon, but I have a few questions.

    I use T-mo, and I figured I could just unlock it and use it on T-mo. However, I've read around, and I've read that I will be unable to use 3G on my Pre Plus. What does this mean? Will I still be able to use my internet?

    Is there any other fix that will enable 3G?
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    No there is not a fix as its harware related.

    You can use the internet however you will be limited to Edge data which is slower than G.
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    Is there a huge difference between 3G/EDGE data?
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    Yeah quite a bit to be honest. Although EDGE is pretty useable for general browsing so just limit your downloading to when your on a Wifi network if you can.
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    Well that's a real bummer...I really like WebOS and the device itself, but looks like EDGE is slow as heck. Too bad, because I'm getting a really good deal for the Pre Plus, too.
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    Actually with my foreign bought Nokia E71, I'm using EDGE too...maybe it won't be much of a difference for me.
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    Im sure it will be fine. I used my phone on T-Mobile in the UK and over here T-Mobile don't support EDGE at all and where I used to live I did not get 3G so it was plain old GPRS all the way for me and it was fine generally.

    Btw welcome to Precental. WebOS is sublime you will love it!

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