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    My pre and wife's pixi have the tendency to display the wrong time. It can last for minutes or hours. We were almost late getting to work the other day.

    Most annoying is my alarm which goes off randomly because of the wrong time. Even right now my clock is 2 hrs behind.

    Devices: Sprint Pre and pixi (both with patches).

    Also, pictures I copy from my browser is not being save. I get the messge that it was saved. But it is no where to be found in my photo app.

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    Check the built in app on the phone called "Date and Time" you should be able to manually fix the time or you might be able to figure out the problem once there.


    Also for the picture part try looking in /media/internals/downloads/ it might be in there either using internalz or connecting to your phone to your computer in usb mode.
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    1.) Don't use a device that's not designed to be an alarm clock as an alarm clock. (Seriously -- Phones are terrible alarm clocks.)

    2.) To fix the time issue, see this thread:
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