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    I have a pre (sprint) and have recentlyh purchased a new one from HP

    having tryed all the published tools "Pre backup", "save/restore" ect they are not doing what I want
    two questions:
    is there a way to make an image of the entire file system to some external device or file system via "dd" or somting simular ?

    I also see that WebOs seems to support NFS but there is some quirk in that I cannot mount a NFS share from my linux box (via usb or WiFi)
    I can see on the NFS server that it starts to mount the volume but never completes seems like a port pair problem anyone have any info ?

    basicly I am looking to clone/image the WebOs from one pre to another
    I do know and would not expect to "clone" the phone ... just the OS part

    and I do know my way around linux/unix/solaris ect....
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    The "OS Image" is essentially what the webOS DOctor is. SavedPackageList and Save/Restore are backing up; your preware stuff and your application data.
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    Correct, I understand what the doctor is and does, the save/restore and pre backup only
    backup certain files and directorys. i want to back up the intire file system
    essentualy a webos doctor but one that has an image of my phone. I have some very serious customazations and QS level apps (unique perposes and propritary) that where
    not installed in the normal fassion that I don't partuculary want to re invent
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    So you want to create your own webOS dr?

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    yes that is correct
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    How did you end up doing that? If you remember, it's been awhile.
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    you can copy palmdatabase.db3 from one pre to another and it will save a lot, though not all, of your settings. make sure the donor and recipient are exactly the same os version and are patch-free.

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