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    So I've been thinking about adding some music in my pre instead of walking around with my phone and ipod everywhere. But how much faster would the music cause the phone to drain its battery?
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    I just did a little test and calculation based on Govnah's current display with and without music playing, and it looks like playing music continuously would reduce battery life by about 2.5 hours. That's purely theoretical, of course.
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    Okay thank you, and I don't play continuously.. maybe about once or twice a day a few songs every time? So it shouldn't make too much of a difference?
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    For that little amount of playing I wouldn't think so. If you're going to listen to it for an hour or two at a time, then maybe. I'm guessing you don't have Preware. You should install it via WOSQI (webOS Quick Install) and find an app called Battery Monitor. You can gauge your battery drainage with that app.
    Click Here this will take you to the Preware wiki which will walk you through on how to install it and then how to run it.

    Click Here for instructions on how to get webOS Quick Install working (which you need to have before you can get Preware on your phone).

    (kind of backwards instructions.....sorry. Do the wosqi first then the Preware )
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