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    Has anyone figured out how to get the Pre touch screen to work if it just stops? I had to take out the battery to restart it. I was using it just fine moments before.

    The phone receives calls and everything else seems fine. I can use the keyboard, but haven't been able to navigate apps without the touch screen.

    I'm a little afraid that Sprint won't have a replacement or even a refurb, but I'll check with them in the AM. Just need to hold on until the Pre 2 is available. Come on HP/Palm! Let's get some product out there!
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    Sprint should be able to fix it or replace it if needed. I had this happen once on my VZW phone. I left the battery out for about 5 minutes, and somehow it resolved itself. Never happened again and I have no idea what happened.
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    After searching on the Sprint help forum, one poster mentioned his touch screen didn't work only after he used a regular charger and not his touch stone. I realized that I always use a touch stone, except for today in my wife's car I used my car charger. (I haven't used it in ages).

    The post said that to get his screen working again, he plugged his phone into the wall charger with the touch stone detached. Then the screen worked.

    So I tried it and guess what? Once I unplugged it, the touch screen worked. About a minute later it stopped working. So I did it again. Hey, I've got nothing to lose. And this time it worked. So far it has been on for a while.

    So if I can limp along through the Feb 9th announcement (and actually until the next Pre model ships), that would be great!

    Anyone else with this trouble. The lesson is to never use anything but your touch stone.
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    One day later and the touch screen is still fine.

    I narrowed the cause down to fluctuating voltage and/or current on the car charger when using it in my wife's 2010 Honda Odyssey. The car charger works fine in my 2008 Audi A6.

    I mentioned this to a coworker with a Pixi and he said he experiences odd screen behaviour when he charges at home but not at work. He doesn't use a touchstone. I told him that our power at work is conditioned through a transformer and large building UPS, hence no problems at work.

    So it is quite possible that voltage and/or current fluctuation causes trouble to the Pre's touch screen.
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    I have frequently had my touchscreen stop working, especially when removing or putting on the charger. A workaround that I discovered is to rapidly open and close the slider a few times - always seems to get the touchscreen working again.

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