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    Hello I am newbie here. Just want to ask about my new palm pre GSM
    I got with unlocked already and this one still new
    I got QWERTZ keyboard but if I pressed appear QWERTY so with the unlocker change position of keyboard Y and Z

    now I'm using 1.4.5 firmwar

    but the signal is not good enough when at one place with any mobile I got full bar at my pre just 3-4bar

    and sometimes SOS calls

    Can anybody help me what I must to do?
    And my battery life is not good enough just about 9 hours with full used like SMS, chat...

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    Hello sir, I didn't know exactly what is base region of my palm pre, I bought at Hong Kong, How I can get the information complete about German version or something? But maybe German sir, because manual book is German.

    So if the signal is not good enough for me that is normal or I can do something?

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